Build Holistic Personality: 打造完整人格

Ni Hao Bubble helps to make early childhood learning accessible and engaging! By combining Ni Hao’s SMART® system to immerse children in Mandarin/English education with the focus of STEAM+C, Ni Hao Bubble aims at providing children with the essential early childhood education that can be done at home! Simply download our daily worksheets and watch daily learning videos, and children will have access to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math and Culture immersively in Mandarin and English. We also focus on early social-emotional development as it is the fundamental ground stone to build holistic personality for future success.

Ni Hao Online Class 你好线上课程

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We motivate your child's learning through a variety of materials, activities and teaching approaches.



Daily worksheets and videos help children practice Mandarin reading, writing, speaking, and listening.




Our math worksheets teach essential math skills including number sense, shapes, pattern, sorting and counting.




Our colorful activity sheets inspire learning about different cultural traditions and events from countries all over the world.



Our activity sheets provide a series of fun, home-accessible scientific experiments to help little scientists explore the world.



EQ worksheets help children recognize different emotions and practice socializing skills to build a holistic personality. 


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Learning videos are updated daily. Watch the video first, then complete the worksheets.

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2-3.5 year-olds will learn to recognize emotions, express their feelings and understand the sense of self. They will also learn about basic Math, cultural traditions and science. They will mostly learn about Chinese radicals, such as 日、人、十,which will help them understand more complicated words.


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3-4.5 year olds will learn to regulate emotions and develop empathy and friendship. They will start to build close relationships outside of family members. They will also learn about more complicated Math, cultural traditions and science. They will mostly learn about Chinese characters that are built with Chinese radicals, such as 明、美、航,which will prepare them for building phrases in the future.

帕克班: 3-4.5岁,学会与人建立关系,学习更高难度的数学、科学和文化知识,使用基本文字学习更复杂的字词和短语。

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4-6.5 years-olds will learn more about using problem-solving skills to solve conflicts and regulate their emotions. They will learn about more complicated Math, social studies and science knowledge compared to Parker group. They will also learn more complicated Chinese characters and start to build and make sentences.


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Online Chinese Preschool Learning
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This bundle package will give you access to all of the learning materials for children from 2-6.5 years old, whether it is for siblings at different ages or those who would like to challenge themselves for different levels. We offer a special price for only $59.99. You get a package of all three groups while just paying for two!


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